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To support our technical manufacturing capacity, company has continuously invested in plant and machinery with maximum automations to reduce human resource involvement. The company has developed infrastructure meeting needs of multinational companies for long terms collaborations. The plant is designed to undertake various forms of chemical reactions like Chlorination, Hydrogenation, Sulpho nation, Oxidation, Cynation, Esterifiation, Nitration, etc. Company has installed numerous Glass lined reactors, Pressure vessels, Storage tanks, columns, Condensers etc of diffrent MOC and volumes to meet diffrent reaction requirements supported by utilities like Boilers, Chilling plants, Air and Nitrogen compressors, Water purifiation systems, Effent Treatment plants, Multiple Evaporation Systems Incinerators. Quality which is the strength of our company is supported by well equipped laboratory with sophisticated instruments like GLC, HPLC, Spectrophotometer, UVs etc to test purities and impurities of each raw material and fiished product at diffrent stages of reaction. The company has its own R&D facility to develop techniques to produce products in most cost effient manner.

Research & Development

The most qualifid scientists work in well equipped labs and plants to make these crop protection products. We strictly adhere to government regulations and thus make products which totally meets international requirements. Company has a strong team to register products to various countries meeting stringent laws of regulatory authorities. Company heavily invest in data generations from GLP laboratories like 5 batch, Toxicity, Mutagenicty, Physical and Chemical data for various molecules. Company having strong domestic presence also exports its product to various countries like South East Asia, Europe, South America and African countries.

Information Technology

Information technology is an essential partner in management of our business, regardless of the kind of enterprise you operate. Whether you need computers for storage, transfer, retrieval or transmission of information, you can manage your business with greater accuracy and efficiency with the assistance of information technology and computer applications.

We have applied a leading edge Information technology infrastructure, featured with futuristic scalability. Our IT infrastructure comprises of latest computers, servers, advance networking device, software and state of the art SAP-ERP. Our IT team further complements the efficiency and accuracy of our IT Infrastructure.

SAP: We have implemented the widely accepted ERP from SAP to manage our business operations across the entire group. All our HO, factories and offices are connected through SAP enabling us to keep record of each transaction on a real-time basis. Enabled with a common database, this technology forms the digital spine of our IT infrastructure and operations today.

Mobil Software: Using this application for Our Sale & Marketing Team  , the mobile application can be used in Online & offline both mode. If the mobile device do not have the mobile network as well internet connectivity, the user can do the transaction through the application and store the data in local mobile and when the internet connectivity exist the data can saved to the server.

Maintenance: Continuous real time support is provided for Hardware, Network Administration, Software Services and System Administration. The support network caters to Corporate Offices, Regional Offices, Production Plants Sales Offices and Warehouses.

Reviews and Up-scaling: Our IT infrastructure capabilities are reviewed and up-scaled on a constant basis to ensure that they meet the changing and evolving requirements of our operational processes. Mandatory IT assessment schedules are followed to ensure that the IT infrastructure is always up-to date and meets the organizations requirements